The Unforseeable Future of Me

Lately I have been in contact with a lot my connections on LinkedIn and they have been so encouraging to me. I have gotten wonderful advice from them on the steps that they believe I ought to take in pursuit of my career goal of creating and owning a Christian Magazine Publication Company.  Their insight on the steps that they have taken to get to where they are now is very inspiring and I am learning a great deal from them.

My countdown to graduation has officially begun and slowly the reality is setting in that in a few months, I will be in the real world. That’s an exciting and somewhat nerve-racking place to be in.  All I have right now are plans, but nothing is concrete.  I find myself getting nervous about what is to come, while still trying to enjoy my now.  I know what I hope to do with my life; I want to produce a product for young adults that focuses on real life issues and situations that we face through a Christian lens and perspective.  I want to create something that will cater to the unique needs of young adults on their faith walks, where ever they are. I desire so much to publish a product that is going to be a beacon of hope, and a glimmer of light to those that are in need of answers. Through real life testimonies, examples, and situations I want to infuse biblical principles into the work being produced, to not only get people to think, but also to feed their spirit man.  I want the Bible to come alive for my readers. But more than anything else, I want to make God proud and be in His will for my life. Because in the end if I did what I thought God wanted me to do and the whole time I was walking outside of His will and out of the purpose that He had for me, than that was a life wasted. I think that is the scariest part for me.

I know that the Lord has given me a heart for His people, and a desire so strong to minister to them that it pours out of me with passion and excitement. God has blessed me with the talent of writing and the gift of creativity. I have consecrated my business ventures to the Lord asking that He would be the CEO of my company and vowed to Him that I would continue to be His humble servant, serving His people where ever He leads me.


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