Status Check

One of the goals that I set for myself this year was to make the most of my major.  Getting a degree in Communication Studies may be a common practice, but what I plan to do with my degree, I believe will set  me apart. I am gaining the tools and the skill set that I will need to be successful within the field of Communications, making plans to pursue graduate school to further my education, and working on miscellaneous projects to get my feet wet in this exciting arena.

I have made an effort to ask myself this question: “Today, what did I do for my creativity? My Passion?”

I am working hard to exercise my gifts and talents in new and creative ways. I am stepping out on faith in a lot of areas, because my desire is to in my own way, bring dignity and grace to the written word and media in general.

Some of the new and exciting endeavors of which I am now apart are:

  1. Spearheading and Hosting my new radio ministry on campus
  2. Reporting for my school’s new News Program
  3. Exercising  my skills in Social Media Relations
  4. Working on an advertising campaign for my cousin’s clothing line

…and more is to come in the future.

Although popularity is not the focus of any of the new projects that I am taking on, there is a part of me that wants to be recognized not so that I can be in the spotlight, but so that the Lord does. I am on a mission for God’s Kingdom. I want my life to reflect what I believe and know to be true about the God that I serve. My hope is that people in this field will see something different about me, see the potential that I have and to see that I am worth taking a chance on.  I want people to be curious about my message and my methods, because that allows me to give God the glory through my life. I am a willing vessel for the Lord and I am using the gifts that He gave me to minister to the hearts of His people.


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