Experimenting With Creativity

When I get the chance, I reflect on my time as an undergraduate student at Mount St. Mary’s University, what I’ve learned within my major, what I have learned about myself, and how I have made use of my time throughout the past four years.  The opportunities that I have had to express my creativity within my field of study have been some of my most rewarding experiences at the Mount.

Freshman Year:

  • I took my first 300 level Communications Course-Feature and Magazine Writing with Dr. Shealer

Sophomore Year:

  • I started my food blog –The Culinary Chronicles
  • I produced and hosted my first radio show ministry – Wings of Serenity

Junior Year:

  • I wrote as a freelance journalist for a Christian web magazine Lilies Among Thorns Magazine.
  • I won the Liebster Blog Award for The Culinary Chronicles
  • I wrote for my school’s Center for Student Diversity Newsletter The Mosaic Times

And this year I wanted to kick it up a notch

Senior Year:

  • I  created an internship and now work for credit as the Content Coordinator Intern for Learning Services. My job is to manage their Facebook page and make it more interactive for viewers
  • I work for the Communications Department as their Intern for the Alumni Office
  • I produced and host a new and exciting radio show ministry project The Crosswalk
  • I am a reporter for my school’s news station Mount News

To see all that I have been able to accomplish within these past four years, I see how truly blessed I am. It humbles me that the Lord saw fit to help me through my college career and the ways in which He chose to do it. Four years ago I don’t know if I could have seen myself here: getting ready to have a BA degree under my belt,  confident in my abilities, excited about the future and even considering getting a Master’s Degree? This is so awesome!

Any insecurities that I may have had coming into college have been and are continuing to be shattered because as I continue to hold on to the Lord’s unchanging hand, He has helped me to see my own potential. The Lord is so faithful to stick by me when I need Him the most. He’s blessed me with a family and friends that encourage, and challenge me to do and be better.  I don’t know exactly what my future holds, but that’s alright by be because I know the One who holds my future.



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