LinkedIn Guru

Today I started my internship with the Alumni Relations Office. I am their Social Media Relations Intern. My tasks are specifically to work on making their LinkedIn more interactive with its members and to draw more traffic to the page. I have a lot of ideas but I am a little uncertain on what a good starting place would be. I need a focus and right now I don’t have that. I am trying to conduct research about the best ways to use LinkedIn and attempting to relate my findings to the specific needs of the Alumni Relations Office as a whole. I hope to move this project forward in new and innovative ways. I see this opportunity as a challenge, which gives me even more motivation to do well. I will be staying prayerful on how to go about this and seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to help aid me through this process. I know that this opportunity was God-orchestrated and  I am confident that with the Lord’s help, I will be able to make the most of this internship and make connections with my co-workers along the way. I am not a LinkedIn Guru yet, but I am on my way there.


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