The Process Of Waiting

“God’s timing is perfect.”

“Good things come to those who wait.”

“Patience is a virtue.”

At one time or another we have all heard these common phrases right? In times of doubt, I have found comfort in those words. But as of late, I have noticed my patience being tested in new ways.  It has been my experience for the Lord to work on my behalf and orchestrate things in my life in ways that only He can. Lately, amid  my school work, my two internships, and my extra curricular activities, I am also working on graduate school applications and sending my resume and cover letters out to well known magazines, newspapers, and other media companies in hopes of landing an internship or employment as a post grad. By God’s grace I am not stressed, but I can’t help but be a little antsy about getting a response back from someone. I am networking when I can and working on putting together a portfolio of the work that embodies all that  I have done up to this point. My mind begins to race as graduation draws near. I have exactly 2 months, 4 days, 15hours and 25 minutes until it gets here and a lot of work to do in the process.

Patience is truly a virtue and considering the circumstances, I’d like to think that I am managing my time relatively well. My desire is to keep myself accountable, and make sure that everything that I set my mind to do is done in excellence.


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