What’s Next?

Had it not been for God’s grace and His orchestration of the amazing teachers that I have had throughout my time as an undergraduate student at Mount St. Mary’s University, I don’t know if I would be even considering going to graduate school to pursue my education further.  Teachers like Dr. Shealer, Dr. Stay, Dr. Mueller, Dr. Naberhaus, Professor Bickford who saw something in me even before I was certain of my own potential. They they believed in me, and in their own ways taught me how to trust my instincts and to believe in my abilities within my field of study, for that I am forever in their debt. Those things are ones that go far beyond anything that can be taught in a classroom.

So what’s next?

I am in the process of applying to Quinnipiac University’s Interactive Media Graduate Program. After doing independent research about the school and speaking with the program’s admissions director I believe that God’s hand is in this as well. Today I attended an online open house for the program. The more the representative of the school explained the program, the more I saw myself as being apart of this unique program and the more excited I became. If the next step for me is to attend graduate school, I would very much like to go to a school in whose program I believe.

Exciting things are happening for me, God is Good!


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