The Turtle and The Hare

The familiar story of the turtle and the hare is what I compare my new internship to. Coming into this position I was excited because social media is such a fast paced and immediate medium. When used properly social media can be a great help to companies, institutions, and personal businesses as a marketing tool. Like the speed of the hare in the story, my mind was racing with ideas on how I would be able to advance the office that I work for. What I am learning however is that with Linked In the opportunities to network with people is there, but the pace at which it moves is very much like the turtle. I find myself sometimes in a bit of a rut trying to be as helpful to the office as I can, while attempting to find ways to make the best use of my time. One thing that is becoming very clear is that patience is a virtue. I am continuing to stay prayerful  asking God that the efforts that I am putting into this position will be of some help to those that may come after me. I am very grateful for this opportunity, and my hope is to see a significant change in the next few days weeks and months that lead up to my graduation.


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