All Of This Is Not By Chance

I don’t believe in karma, chance or happenstance. I believe that the Lord allows things to happen for a reason. There have been people who have come in and out of my life, either to be a blessing or to teach me a lesson and for both I am grateful.  I am reminded of Jesus when I think about my inner circle. Jesus was surrounded by many people but His inner circle only consisted of three men: Peter, James, and John. Like Him, I keep a small group of people around me. Those that will share my vision, encourage my dreams, but are not afraid to tell me when I’m in the wrong, advise me when I am out-of-order, and pray for me when I need it the most. As I prepare more for  post-graduate life, the reality of adulthood is really becoming more clear. I have been so well nurtured and kept by my parents, but I am learning that even though they will always be there when I need them, I have to start depending more on the Lord and use all that I have been taught from life and from what I have been taught in classroom to become the woman who God has created me to be.  I step out on faith a lot because I know that my God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20) and when I fall short, He picks up the slack.  My parents told me to go after what it is that I desire. The worst someone could tell me is no, and if that happens that just means that God has something better for me. When I really began to understand what that meant, I was no longer fearful of what my future held, and didn’t worry about what I would have to do to get there.  I now walk boldly in the direction of my dreams, with the conviction of the Holy Spirit as my guide. Recently I went to an Alumni Panel at my school and got to interact with some inspiring men and women that had graduated some years prior. They all seemed to enjoy the professions that they were in and were very open with the struggles that they had faced along the way. I appreciated their willingness to share those things because so often we see the testimony of a person, but never hear what the tests were. After the event was over, I met with an Alumness and she and I spoke about my aspirations and what her job entailed. We exchanged information and  have been corresponding since then. That was no chance encounter, that was a God-connection! It has been my experience and is my continued belief that the people the Lord places into my life will add to the person that I will become.

I believe that I am walking in my destiny and little by little the Lord confirms that in real and tangible ways. I still have more that I want to accomplish. This is just the beginning, but what I am learning is that you know when you are where God wants you to be not because it’s easy, but because you don’t mind the work that it takes to get you there. I am enjoying this journey. I am staying prayerful for the things that I have no control over, and working hard to reach my full potential; that’s something I can do.


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