Lambda Pi Eta: Ten Years Young at Mount St. Mary’s University

This is an article that I wrote for my Senior Seminar class last semester. It was a required course for all Communication Studies Major.

In 1985 the Communication Studies Honors Society of Lambda Pi Eta was founded at the University of Arkansas.  It is a sect of the National Communication Association, and is active on four-year colleges and universities around the world.  The society’s mission is to recognize, foster and reward “outstanding scholastic achievement while stimulating interest in the communication discipline.” (

In accordance with the three principles of persuasion set forth by Aristotle: logos (Lambda) meaning logic, pathos (Pi) referring to emotions, and ethos (Eta) pertaining to the sincerity of one’s character and ethics, these principles create the foundation on which this honors society firmly stands.

Lambda Pi Eta was introduced to Mount St. Mary’s University by former professor, Dr. Bryon Stay in 2002. Prior to the decision to bring this honors society to the Mount, the Communication Studies department was affiliated with the College of Media Advisors whose focus was mainly directed toward Print Media. This particular group limited the vision of the department as a whole, making the decision easier to cross over to Lambda Pi Eta to better showcase all that the department had to offer here at the Mount.  Dr. Stay shared that the greatest benefit of the society is that it is “a way of identifying really fine Communication Studies students and publicizing them.”

Stay admits that although the Mount has a chapter, it is more dormant than he would have liked it to be. When asked what he hopes for the future of Lambda Pi Eta he responded genuinely, “I hope that we get more involved in sending students to conferences and in all that Lambda Pi Eta has to offer.”

The chapter is only ten years young at Mount St. Mary’s University and is now succeeded under the advisement of Public Relations professor Dr. Carl Glover. What does the future of Lambda Pi Eta look like? It is on good record that with dedicated students within the Communication Studies department that are willing to put in the necessary work to excel in this field and faculty members that are willing to support them, this honors society’s chapter here at the Mount looks promising.





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