The Crosswalk On WMTB 89.9


At the beginning of 2013, I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution in the traditional sense. I did however set a goal for myself to make the most of my Communication Studies major. I have had so many opportunities during the past four years to explore the different areas within this exciting field, one of my favorites being broadcast journalism.

During my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to create and produce my first radio show, Wings of Serenity. It was the first contemporary gospel radio ministry on WMTB. The concept behind it was to uplift and encourage the Mount Community and the surrounding areas of Gettysburg, Frederick and those who streamed the station online.  Being able to share my faith and my experiences with a mass group of people gave me such a sense of purpose and satisfaction, one that I had never experienced before.  I had finally found my niche.

The following year I took a hiatus from broadcasting to regroup and discern what the next step ought to be as it pertained to the radio. I knew that I missed being on air, and missed the connection that I made with my listeners, but I wasn’t sure where the Lord was leading me so I prayerfully waited for some sense of direction.

It was during the beginning of this semester that I felt the Lord had finally answered my prayer.  I came up with a platform for my new show, and as I continued to seek the Lord for guidance He imparted to me His ideas, together we came up with the concept of “The Crosswalk”.  The Crosswalk is a radio ministry that explores the cultures of music, art, poetry,and fashion from a Christian perspective; helping brothers and sisters in Christ to rock the Christian lifestyle, using biblical principles as our blueprint. The world would have us to think that our faith and spirituality ought to be expressed only in the comfort of a church house and around other Christians;  but I wanted to challenge and encourage myself and my listeners not to keep our faith confined but rather to incorporate it into every area of our lives. The story behind the show’s name is simply that our faith and our lives should have a common meeting ground, there needs to be some type of focus and as Christians I believe that place is wherever Jesus is. The slugline fo the show is “The Crosswalk: Where Faith and Life Meet”. This is just serves as  a reminder to take Jesus everywhere that we go, and where He can’t go, we don’t go. The Crosswalk is a move of God, and divinely inspired radio!!!

If you’d like to be apart of The Crosswalk Family

Spend your Saturday afternoons with me, your DJ Ari G from 4-6 on WMTB

Stream the show LIVE:

“Like” our page on Facebook at “The Crosswalk on WMTB 89.9”

Follow us on Twitter at





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