I’m Turning My Can’ts Into Cans and My Dreams Into Plans

I don’t know why I’m crying today, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s because I am so passionate about what I do. My heart’s deepest desire is to be in the will of God, to be a willing vessel for Him to use to advance His Kingdom, and to use the gift of writing that He has given me to minister to the very hearts of His people. 2 Corinthians 5:7 declares, “For we walk by faith and not by sight”; with this scripture as my reminder and the Holy Spirit as my guide I’ve seen myself take leaps of faith in many different areas of my life. I am determined to be all that I believe God has called me to be. I don’t believe that He would have placed these aspirations that have been stirred up in my heart if He didn’t have a plan to see them through to fruition.  We all have dreams placed inside of us, things that we want to accomplish on this side of Heaven but we will never get anywhere, we will never be as successful as we could be if we don’t make the decision to try.  As I was doing research on companies and publications that I would be interested in working for, I came across a Christian young women’s online publication called SetApartGirl Magazine. While I was reading their statement of belief, and reading further into what the magazine was about, something rose up inside of me and I began to tear up a little bit, because for the first time I saw what it is that I desire to do with my life as a tangible goal. I am a dreamer and I have envisioned the concept of my magazine for over five years. I’ve  worked hard in school to gain as much knowledge as I could about the field that I plan to be working in, and I have stayed prayerful about what my next steps ought to be as I continue to pursue my dreams.  These next three months for me are crucial because I am diligently working toward submitting the remaining bit of paper work to the graduate school program that I am applying for, continuing to apply for jobs, and keeping my eyes focused on the calling that I believe the Lord has placed on my life.

In the meantime, I am learning the importance and the value of waiting.  Waiting does not give me an excuse to be inactive. The balance of working toward something and waiting for the Holy Spirit to order my next steps is I believe the key to the success that I desire.


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