Trial and Error: How Will You Choose To Respond?

Life teaches us hard lessons sometimes. I thought that as a college graduate, I would have been better prepared to work for a publication when I got out of school.  I am learning that there is no real preparation for disappointment. I applied to be a writer for an online publication and had been waiting for a response from the editor…well I finally got a response back today, but I was hoping that the email would have said something different. I may not be able to change the decision of the editor, but I can choose how I respond and how I am going to move forward. I love what I do and I don’t want to become complacent because one door was closed. God has been so faithful to give me opportunities to write, and I know that He is working diligently behind the scenes on my behalf. As I continue to seek direction from the Lord about what it is that He would have me to do, I am choosing to respond to this situation by working harder on my writing, gaining more knowledge about the field of journalism, and working diligently to make my dreams a reality.


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