Why Is Everyone So Gung-Ho for the Status Quo?

The world often paints a distorted picture of what is “really” important. Our eyes are fixed on drama filled TV shows. Our money is spent on buying the latest this and the hottest that. Our time is spent on our phones and on social networks. We wonder why we are looking older faster, why and how we are gaining weight, why we are stressed and seemingly on edge all the time? I believe that it’s because we have lost our focus. Our new sense of normalcy is cluttered with the consumption of fleeting pleasures. What happened to taking initiative? What happened to celebrating each other for the accomplishments that we are making? What happened to standing up for what is right, speaking up and speaking out about the injustices that are plaguing our society? Where did our fight go? and How do we get it back?

We have to start with the decision to not sit idly by and watch these things take place. We have to put a spring in our step and make an attempt to be the change that we want to see, but most importantly we have to put the focus back on God.

We have to posture our hearts toward things Heavenward, seeking the Holy Spirit for wisdom, guidance and clear direction.

We have to pray for those things over which we have no control, and work toward making the things that we can control better for those that will come after us.

So long as we keep moving forward in the direction of God’s plan and purpose for our lives we will never be comfortable or satisfied with the status quo, because we will have a hunger and a drive for more than what we are choosing to settle for.

This in many ways is why I am making such an effort to put my work out there for you all to read. I believe that God has a message that He wants to tell through me. I can’t and won’t sit on the gifts that He has given to me. If I do, I am held accountable and He’ll give them to someone that is more willing to be used.

I’m willing, I’m ready and He is continuing to prepare me for His very best.


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