When The Lord Tells Me To Move I’ll Move

There was a time in my life when my decision making was done in haste. I would research jobs or interning opportunities and apply for them whether I was well qualified or not for the position. I would rationalize my actions by saying that I was doing it “in faith” but when I didn’t get the position and I had some time to reflect on the situation, I realized that my method of doing things was all wrong.  I never considered praying about a job before applying for it. I would apply and then pray that if it was God’s will that I would get it. I never considered praying over the application before I sent it off. I just assumed that if I didn’t get the position it just meant that God had something better in store for me.  In this area of my life, I have grown a lot. My method is no longer flawed. I pray for the Lord to give me the right positions to apply for, I ask Him to close those doors of opportunity that He doesn’t want me to take, and to fling the doors of opportunity open for the positions that are right for me. Then in faith I apply and wait patiently for the Lord to tell me the next step. I don’t move until it is impressed on my spirit to do so by the Holy Spirit.

What I am learning in this season is the importance of trusting the Lord for clear direction, staying prayerful for the things that I desire, remaining hopeful for God’s best in my life, and remaining faithful to Him even though I can’t always see what is in front of me.


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