Ready. Aim. FIRE.

In the world there is always something going on. A new bill is being passed. Soldiers are at war fighting for the freedom of the American people. Medical research is being done to find cures for diseases. Students are going to school. Parents are working to provide for their families. Hospitals are flooded with new patients; and gas prices are continuing to rise.

There was a time, just like in the game of darts, that a person would have a vision in mind for what they wanted to do in life and through trial and error work toward hitting that target successfully. These days, we as a society now live in a fast paced world and if we fail to keep up with the times that we are in, we will get left behind.

I, am a visionary. I see what I want and I go after it. I am on a mission to fulfill the purpose that God has for me. My heart’s desire is to be in the will of God and by faith, I walk boldly in the direction of my dreams. My motivation does not come from the desire to attain material wealth.That’s fleeting; rather it comes from a love for God’s people and a desire to minister through the words that I write.

My inspiration is found in the faces of those who have lost their way, those who want to know what it is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, and live the freedom that He so freely gives to us. I want to encourage and inspire those with whom I come in contact.  Writing is a pivotal part of my ministry, which is why I work so hard at it.

I don’t want to approach life or my purpose as a moving target. I choose to approach them with precision and perfect execution, like that of a laser, with the Holy Spirit as my guide.

Nothing and no one can stop the plans that God has already set in motion for us. In Him we are unstoppable.

As the Lord continues to order our steps, my prayer for all us is that we will reach the destiny that He has prepared for us in the way that He intended us to.

I see my target and I am ready to aim and fire!


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