Journalism Geek

Writing is my creative outlet. It helps me make sense of this crazy thing that we call life. When I didn’t know how to effectively communicate my thoughts and ideas, writing was there. When I didn’t know how to sort through my feelings, writing was there; and when I felt the most alone, and misunderstood, writing was there. Writing is my comfort. It is my greatest joy, and at times my greatest pain. It allows me to be as free as I want to be, helps me face my reality, shows other people a different side of me, and allows me to tap into God’s creativity.

I love the idea that I can write and create something that has never been done before. I love the challenge of writing something that people can relate to and want to read. There is no feeling like it. Writing is a gift.

When I got to college, I went in with an idea of what I wanted to do with my Communication Studies major. What I was unsure of though was the route that I needed to take. I took a slew of Communications courses to help narrow my interests within the field and found that I really enjoyed magazine writing, entertainment journalism, broadcast journalism, interpersonal communications, photography, and public relations.

I was blessed to have been taught by some of the best teachers; brilliant minds, who wanted to share their knowledge with young and excited Communications students, and I was certainly one of them. I soaked up their information like a sponge and I yearn still to know more.

Even before I went to college, my idea of fun was staying up and listening to interviews of my favorite artists. It was exciting to see how interviewers interacted with the interviewees and vise versa.  I still set aside time to watch interviews because I am working on building something that I can be proud of one day. I want to know every aspect of this field, because I plan to be a successful magazine owner someday soon.

I live my life on purpose, and make each day count, because I have a purpose that only I can fulfill. God gave to me the gift of writing, and I don’t want to waste it.


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