Bitten By The Publishing Bug

I am forever grateful to Haylie Gregory for giving me the opportunity to write for her magazine Lilies Among Thorns in 2012. At the time, I had just found my niche within the Communications field and was excited about the variety of  careers that I could choose from as a Communications major. During Christmas break of 2011, I wrote a few articles, and in faith emailed magazine publishers and editors to see if they may be interested in publishing my work. This is where my journey as an aspiring journalist began. I got in contact with Ariel Oliver, another magazine editor and she suggested that I contact Haylie. These two special young ladies helped to make my dream a reality. Through email conversations, I developed a positive working relationship with each of them; and from there the ball started rolling. Haylie published my first two articles the following year, and Ariel served as a great support system. After seeing my articles so beautifully displayed in Haylie’s publication, I knew that I had been bitten by the publishing bug! I had never felt a joy like that before. Within that same year, I had other articles published at the Mount in the Center for Student Diversity’s newsletter, The Mosaic Times. It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year since my first article was published; my life seems so different now and my writing has greatly matured. The biggest change I suppose, is my confidence in this field, and my role in it.

Over one year later, I have another article published with a different publication; Women’s Elevation Magazine. Please Check It Out:

I have worked hard to get where I am, and it is the Holy Spirit’s gentle guiding that has gotten me this far. There is still more in me to write and I have only begun to scratch the surface! I am excited about what God is doing!!!



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