Working Toward The Dream

As of late, the question on my mind has been “In what ways am I working toward my dreams?” What I am finding is that my answer is complied with a lot of different things. I’m interning with a magazine for experience, I’m networking, I’m doing freelance work, I’m challenging myself as a journalist by expanding my writing content, I’m studying how to be a better interviewer, I will soon be pursuing my Master’s degree, I’m writing music with my sisters, I’m working on branding our singing group, and I’m constantly looking to gain more knowledge about the things that I am interested in pursuing. On paper and in everyday conversation it appears that I have my hand in a lot of different things, but at times I feel like there is always something more that I could be doing. I suppose that’s because I don’t ever want to feel like I am being complacent and not pursuing something.  I find comfort in knowing that God’s timing is perfect and I am standing on faith that the seeds that I have planted in my own life and in the lives of others will eventually reap a bountiful harvest. Until then, I’m going to stay prayed up, keep plugging away at my aspirations, diligently seek the Lord for direction, and continue to press toward the mark of the higher calling which is in Christ Jesus.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.


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