Celebrating Others On The Way Up

In a world where competition plagues the thinking of many, it is refreshing to see people celebrating each other for their accomplishments, their work ethic, and their pursuits. It is my desire to be one in the number. My natural inclination is to speak words of encouragement to those with whom I come in contact, to find the silver lining in seemingly difficult situations, and to bring hope to those who are trying to find something to hold on to. Society often succeeds in bogging us down by pointing out our faults no matter how trivial they are in the larger scope of life; but it is up to us how we are going to let it positively or negatively affect us. I choose to set myself apart and use the gifts that I believe God has given to me through writing and through music to celebrate, elevate and inspire those around me on the way to reaching my aspirations.

I celebrate those who believe enough in their dreams, that even when they are faced with adversity, they have the faith to keep pursuing them. That’s beautiful and everyday you inspire me to do the same.


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