Oh The Possiblities

I woke up this morning with hope in my heart, and the expection that something great was going to happen…and it did. I heard an on time Word at church today that has given me the motivation that I need to begin this new chapter of my life. Following church service, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the NBC4’s Health and Fitness Expo; where I met Erika Gonzalez, Doreen Gentlzer, and Barbra Harrison. Each one of these women seeded into my life in a small way today. After conversing with them for just a little while, the main note that they gave me was to continue to pursue my aspirations. It may be a simple suggestion, but to hear it from seasoned for individuals like them, it meant a great deal. To be in the company of  some of the most elite people in the journalism industry, was an invaluable experience. If this is any indication of what 2014 looks like, I am anticipating a truly spectacular year.


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