Coffee Buzz

This post is a little different than some of my other posts, simply because it is a collection of random thoughts that I have had throughout the course of the week. For instance, when I started college, I knew what I wanted to major in and I had an idea in my head of what “The Communications Major Woman” was supposed to look like: a pen in her hair, a freshly brewed cup of coffee in her hand, and a satchel that carried all of her essentials (her laptop, books, and make up kit). A majority of the time, I fit her mold and played that part well. What I didn’t realize freshman year was how essential that coffee was going to be. We became good friends over those next three years.  Now that I am in graduate school, I feel like my coffee craze has increased slightly. I suppose old habits die hard. In recent days I have found myself going to 7-Eleven to get a medium size cup of coffee (the small just doesn’t cut it anymore). I drink it like I always have, black, with sugar, no cream. That seems to do the trick, when I feel myself losing momentum as I sit at my dining room table listening to course lectures and taking notes. I wonder, is this how it is going to be from now on?


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