Journalistic Aim



The world we see in the news is a world in which women are virtually invisible.”



In my very first published article, I wrote that “We [as women] need to be equipped to fill our own stilettos in a world still dominated by wingtips.” Women in journalism are highly underrepresented. Statistics show that we represent ONLY “36.3% of the newsroom staff and there are four times as many male columnists as there are female columnists” ( According to Media Report To Women only 19.3% of women in the newsroom are minorities.  Moreover, in an article called The Sad State of Christian Journalism it says, “The rarity of good Christian news publications represents both a crisis of entrepreneurship and a faltering of applied faith. Many aspiring Christian journalists know the Bible but do not know how to apply biblical wisdom to problems of writing and editing. Those who hope to build God’s kingdom through journalism need more than good intentions and more than a secular journalism-school education: They need to see how to hold every thought, and every part of their editing and reporting process, captive to Christ.” (

As a Christian- African-American-Woman and Journalist, I am faced with a challenge. And this is a challenge that I willingly accept. It would seem that this particular field finds it difficult for a woman like me to thrive among my counterparts, it is my journalistic aim to set a new precedent. Maybe not immediately, but definitely. 

Already, I have encountered those who doubt my journalistic pursuits, or find concern with them. When I mention what I aspire to be in conversation with others often times their replies are, “Have you thought about pursuing something else?” “There’s no money in that.” “Your audience is going to be very small, are you sure faith journalism is what you want to do?” “Will readers outside of your target audience be offended?” “How confident are you in writing on such a touchy subject?”  My reasoning for going into this particular field is not driven by money, popularity, or even recognition from my future coworkers; rather it’s driven by purpose and a passion to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that young adults can understand.  I can see how it will be hard for the majority to understand my efforts, because God didn’t give them my vision.

1 Peter 5:6 says, “So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time He will lift you up in honor.” (NLT) This scripture for me serves as a constant reminder, that it’s not about me at all. Everything that I do is to the Glory of God, and even if man has a difficult time grasping my vision, I rest in the knowledge that the Lord acknowledges my effort.



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