Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It

When I was growing up my biggest fears were being rejected, and not measuring up to the expectations that people had of me. Now that I am older, more mature, and continuing blossom into the woman that I believe God  has called me to be, I am realizing that I don’t need to live my life for other people, because all of the validation that I  need comes from God the Father. It is far more important to seek first His Kingdom and set my sites on pleasing Him in everything that I do, because His love and His acceptance of me will never change. They are unconditional, and I know that His grace covers me throughout every twist and turn of this journey that I am on called life. What a relief that was for me when God engraved this message on my heart! I believe that I am capable of doing great things…and I plan to. The things that I desire to achieve the most, will never be attained if I don’t make the decision to TRY. I am just a girl who decides to go for what she wants, and in the process I win some and I learn some. My success may not come all at once, and that’s ok. I choose to see the beauty in the journey, and I choose to find joy in learning life’s lessons on my way there. Despite the traces of doubt that I sometimes feel, I trust the Lord to see His plan for my life through to completion, I put forth my best effort, and ask myself and the world, Why NOT Me?  Some call me an eternal optimist, which is true in most cases but really, I am just Simply Ari.


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