Blessed By A Life: A Tribute To Mr. Kelly

“I’ve learned that in life people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will NEVER forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
In a lifetime we will meet all different types of people, but a very special few leave an imprint on our hearts and an impression on our lives forever. In my early years of academia I viewed school as a mere means to an end. I knew that in order to reach my goals, an education was going to be part of the journey. There are some who enjoy and find fulfillment in school, but that was NOT my story… until Mr. Kelly. Mr. Kelly was my Christian Ethics teacher in high school. He was a gentle soul, with a kind spirit, a love for his students, and a passion for teaching. He expressed an excitement about life, and made students like me want to be knowledgeable about the subject  he was teaching. He was truly a consummate educator, and I’d like to think a real kindred spirit. Never had I been impacted by someone the way I had been in that one year I spent with Mr. Kelly. He gave me hope about my future after high school and taught me more about life inside of his classroom than I had learned on my own outside of it. I often think that God strategically placed Mr. Kelly in my life because He knew that I needed him to help me get through that particular season. He was my angel. The greatest lesson that Mr. Kelly taught was to be a person of Christian character; a lecture that he didn’t physically have to teach, because he lived that lesson every single day. Mr. Kelly instilled in me a true love of learning and an appreciation for knowledge, and that is invaluable. My heart is saddened to hear of his recent passing, but his life has impacted me forever. I owe so much to him. It was an honor and privilege to have been taught by such an AMAZING man. Mr. Kelly, thank you for everything. You will truly be missed. Rest In Peace.




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