Building My Brand: Capstone Edition

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

– Abraham Lincoln

It is already time for me to start thinking about my Capstone project. This is both a nerve-racking and an exciting feat. It marks the next step in pursuing my career in journalism. My mind is flooded with ideas that have yet to be sorted, but I am excited to brainstorm and see what I will come up with. I have one more month of classes for this summer trimester and it is my prayer that the Lord will fill my mind with His ideas and orchestrate every detail pertaining to this project.

At this point, I would love to start building my brand as a journalist; building relationships with professionals in the field, conducting interviews, writing more articles, and building credibility for the work that I am producing. Stories are everywhere, and I am in search of them. I’m looking for new ways to challenge myself as a writer and I am choosing to step out on faith and believe for greater things in this season. In these next few months, I am specifically praying for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide every decision that I have to make, expecting nothing less than God’s best in every area of my life.

I believe that I am born to create and created to minister. encourage and inspire. I trust that I will fulfill everything that the Lord has planned for my life, and that I walk in the fullness of His promises. Forward and Upward.


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