Butterfly Moments

This season for me is all about growing, blossoming and expanding. In the next couple of weeks I will be going into my third semester of Grad School at Quinnipiac University, which is exciting. I just thank the Lord for His Holy Spirit who is ordering my steps in this program and I am grateful that His grace is so evident in my life.

I am also working on a couple of new projects one of which you already know; On Reserve: A Blog For The Modern Day Esther. This blog is only 6 months old and it is receiving some really good feedback and for that I am grateful.  My prayer is that On Reserve will continue to bless and minister to the hearts of the young women who read it. Although the posts on this blog seem sporadic, they are not, they are God-Inspired and God is always right on time!

My most recent project is an expansion of this blog. Since 2012, Simply Ari has been my baby. As I continue to stand on the promises of God in my life and pursue this journalism dream, I am also working on broadening my audience and building my brand.

In an effort to do that, Simply Ari has expanded to Facebook!

This page is your ALL ACCESS Pass to everything Ari E! I want to invite you inside of my world.
Here you will receive live updates from both of my blogs Simply Ari and On Reserve: A Blog for The Modern Day Esther. Read my latest posts, be an active participant in my monthly Twitter Chats, and kick your week into high gear with a quick word of encouragement through my Faith Focused Week videos.

My hope for this new page, is that my posts will spark conversation between us. I want to hear from YOU! I encourage you to post comments, questions, feedback and share with me the topics that are of interest to you.



I pray that it will be a blessing to you!

Life is full of butterfly moments, you just have to have the courage to fly!!!


Ari E.



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