SOS The Time Is NOW

Recently, I have seen articles, headlines and posts on social media about the tragic losses of innocent young African American men. I’ve seen videos being posted of police officers violating their authority and beating women in their faces. I look at the faces of those who have lost loved ones to gun violence and pray that the Lord would mend the broken places and heal their hurt. I have heard about the rise of sex trafficking and the Hollywood stars whose sparkle have faded to black due to suicide, overdose, and fatal accidents. Tell me, is this truly the land of the free? We sit in silence in shock and in amazement, but what are we doing? We can’t afford to be silent any longer.

What good is freedom of speech if NO ONE has the courage to say anything? Silence is leading to the demise of this country and it is up to us individually to speak up and speak out about the injustices that we are witnessing in our society. The truth of the matter is, we all have a part to play.

I may not be able to do much on my own, but what I can do is pray for the state of the world, pray for the hearts of those who are bitter and hurting who in turn hurt other people, and use the gifts and talents that God has given me to send a message of hope, encouragement and awareness to those who have a desire to hear and receive it.

I believe that as a Christian, as a journalist and as a vocalist, I can be a person of influence in a hurting world. Change starts with me, and I am seeking the Lord for ways in which I can minister to the hearts of God’s people to be the change that we all so desperately want to see.


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