The Process of Building A Brand

Taking on this challenge of sorts as I continue to build my brand as a journalist,is teaching me a few valuable lessons.

  1. Seek God First (in EVERYTHING)- don’t make hasty decisions based on the idea of something, think it through and seek the Lord for direction.
  2. Good Things Take Time– be patient, work diligently, and trust God.
  3. Have A Clear Vision– make your goals clear, but be flexible about how to accomplish them
  4. Use Time Wisely– learn how to make the most of your time
  5. Study To Show Yourself Approved– read up on the topics that are of interest to you, conduct independent research, watch how people in the field are doing what you hope to do. Basically, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!
  6. Network– put yourself out there and really seek mentorship from other people, professionals in the field, introduce yourself and act in faith. God honors that.

Now, by no means do I have everything figured out, but these are the things the Lord has been faithful to show me as I continue to build the Simply Ari Brand from the ground up. Yes, it’s a lot of work and at times taxing, but I cannot allow myself to  settle or become complacent, when I know that the Lord has placed this passion for writing and ministry inside of me and is, I believe requiring more of me in this season. He knows the ins and outs of my life, what I can and cannot handle, and ultimately He knows what my destiny holds; so I choose to trust Him through every season and every stage.


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