Dear New York,

Who ever said that New York was a CONCRETE JUNGLE was right on the money. As a suburban, vetenturing out to the big city was a risk, but I knew that I wanted to have an adventure, and what better place than New York City?

My trip to see a live taping of “The Chew” at ABC studios was so much fun. Exploring 5th Ave with my cousin, gaining a new appreciation for the metro system, seeing Central Park, Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, watching a sea of yellow cabs picking up and dropping off locals in the heart of the city, gave me memories that will last a lifetime.  My creative juices are flowing, and I am filled with inspiration that I think will sustain me until I go back for another visit.

I must admit, as much as I enjoyed myself this week, I am desperately awaiting my suburban comforts. I am on the bus headed back home and I was sitting here thinking,

“New York certainly left an impression on me, I hope that I did the same for it.”



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