The Price of Success


In order to be successful in life, there is a certain price that you have to pay, and that price is different for everyone. For me, I knew that if I really wanted to make a lasting impact in the field of journalism, I was going to have to be knowledgeable about it, and innovative enough to create my own niche within it. My desire is to occupy a space in journalism that is uniquely mine. The road that I am on now, continuing my education as a graduate student has helped to make my vision all the more clear. Even though I am a part time student, the hours of intensive work that I have to complete is a price that I am willing to pay in order to see this dream of mine come true. Yes it’s a lot of work, yes sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I put my faith in a God who reminds me that His yolk is easy and His burden is light, and as He leads, I will follow. The same thing goes for music. When I am working with my sisters and we are preparing for an event, we want everything that we do to be done with excellence. Long hours of rehearsals, organization of the set list, and all of the logistics that come with putting on a performance that is enjoyable not just for us but for our audience, comes with a price. I believe however, that when the Lord is calling you in a particular direction, He is faithful to make the provisions necessary for you to excel in whatever it is that He is requiring you to do.

I encourage you to be confident in your God-given abilities, seek Him for direction, work hard, stay humble, and in every season of your life hold your head up high, because there will always be somebody waiting to take your crown…Don’t let ’em.


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