A Lover’s Quarrel Gone Wrong

Stephanie Moseley

Earlier this week, I read a news story about young actress who’s life was abruptly taken from her due to gun violence. Reportedly, the LAPD was called early Monday morning in response to gunshots heard in an LA apartment complex. 30-year-old Stephanie Moseley, star of VH1’s popular show Hit The Floor, was a victim of a murder-suicide at the hand of her husband, rapper, Earl Hayes. There have been reports saying that the couple was in the process of separation due to  accusations being made about possible infidelity on the part of Moseley. This I believe is the root that propelled Hayes to act in such a rash and violent manner. Upon reading various articles about this story, I am convinced that Moseley’s untimely death was ensued from a crime of passion.  Hayes apparently shot Moseley and then shot himself.

When I hear stories like this, I think about God’s heart, and how it must break over those who have fallen victim to violence and injustice.

Now, I do not know the ins and outs of the former Mr. and Mrs. Hayes’ story; but what I do know is that there was a time when couples chose to stay invested in their marriage because they thought it was worth it. They talked with words, not with violence. Marriage is a legally binding contract that says you are committed to your husband or your wife for better OR for worse. Every marriage has seasons of difficulty, but it is in those times especially that the couple ought to seek counsel if needed and more importantly seek the Lord for direction.

We are living in dangerous times. In recent weeks, more stories on the deaths of young men and women have made top headlines than any others that I have seen.

I am tired of seeing my timeline and newsfeeds filled with statuses that read, “Rest In Peace #InsertNameHere”. My message is simply this, Lives DO Matter. Violence Is NOT The Answer. Pray for the State of the World and Be Courageous Enough To Start Conversations That Matter.

My sincerest condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of the Moseley and Hayes family.





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