Get With It


One of my favorite topics to discuss with other “Journalism Geeks” like me, is Media Convergence. We are living in a digital age, where newspapers, magazines, radio and television too have made there way online and have been recreated to better serve this technologically savvy generation.

In my experience as a student, as a journalist, and as an observer of digital media, I have come across this idea of media convergence a lot; and I am an advocate for it. I believe that in order to truly appreciate where we are, we have to understand where we have been. There is always going to be something that came before that served as a catalyst for the next invention, concept or idea.

When we look at media convergence and analytics, in the present day, it is not enough to just look at circulation or how many people are viewing a particular website; and why is that? It’s because we have access to so much more! In addition to page views or population of a site, we can see if viewers our are male or female, what the age range of our audience is, how long they are staying on our page, how often a post/article/ or video is being shared, where our audience is geographically etc. The possibilities are literally endless!  In order to keep up with what is happening in the world of digital media, we have to be an active part of its progression.

The challenge that we are so often faced with is finding a balance between the ways of old media and new media. How can we take methods that work from the past and reinvent them for where we are today? How can we progress in this field without negating everything that came before?

I think one of the ways that we can accomplish this goal is to keep in mind what we know about old media traditions like the five objectives of good journalism: public service, objectivity, autonomy, immediacy, and ethics, along with the role of the gatekeeper and reintroduce them to this generation. Something as simple as “Think Before You Post” or Coca Cola’s campaign Make It Happy which advocates for a happier internet and online experience are great ways to hold us accountable for the conversations being had on such a public platform.

Furthermore as journalists, although there are more places to voice our opinions online, we are still required to uphold a standard of excellence in the content that we are creating. We have to write objectively, factually, truthfully, and tell the stories on which we are reporting in a manner that is ethical and morally sound.

It is my desire to bridge this gap, stay grounded by the journalistic foundation on which I stand, and allow my voice to be heard by those who have a desire to listen.


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