Speaking My Truth


“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.”
– Henry Luce

The desire to become a journalist stemmed from my sincere interest in people’s stories and my love of writing. As an undergraduate student, I was in constant search of content that evoked something in me on a tangible and spiritual level. With the exception of a couple of publications that I follow like RELEVANT Magazine and UPTOWN Magazine,  I wanted to read articles that were relevant to my life and my situation as an educated, African-American, Christian, woman, and I didn’t want to have to go through multiple publications to find what I was in search of, I wanted it to be all inclusive. As my writing began to progress, and I began to find my voice as a writer and my content reflected what I thought was missing from the field. When I decided to try my hand at writing articles for publications, there was a pressure that I felt to make them worth reading, so I played it safe. I limited my topics to self-esteem, “girl power”, the importance of positive thinking, and the affirming message that Jesus loves us; because I was comfortable talking about those things. Those ideas were very much a part of my journey  my experience and my testimony.

At its core journalism aims to find truth, and as we know oh too well, the truth is not always pretty. This is my truth, in this season, I believe that the Lord is requiring me to step out of my comfort zone. He is pruning me, stretching me, and causing me to grow up in different areas. He is not allowing me to keep quite and choose not to broach more serious topics out of fear or uncertainty of how my audience is going to respond. What I love about the Lord is that He takes me places where my faith is without border and is faithful to cover me with His grace and sustain my peace.

I will still stay true to my core message, but I am going to work on expanding the topics on which I write as the Lord leads.


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