The Choice To Be Blind


Today I had a conversation with my big sister; a deep, spiritual, and intellectual conversation simply addressing our observations on the state of this world. Nearly every day we as a society see another tragedy being reported on, and as of late another innocent life being taken due to senseless violence.

How can we see these injustices and not be effected by the aftermath? How can we continue to make the choice to be silent when people are dying everyday because of it? How can we choose to be blind to what is happening around us? We are painting a distorted picture for ourselves  and the world that we are living in.

How many more deaths will it take, how many more laws must be passed, how much more corruption must there be for us to see that CHANGE NEEDS TO COME?

This nation was founded on biblical truths, we are One Nation Under God. How much longer will we continue to live in darkness when we are called to be the light? As a Christian, it is very difficult for me to sit idly by, watch, listen and observe what’s going on around me and not want to  share Jesus with others; whether it be through face to face interaction, on social media, on my blogs, or in my articles. As The Church, we are not called to be like the world, hence why there is a separation of Church and State. The earthly laws are completely separate from Kingdom business. Our blueprint is the Word of God. Yet, we are more concerned with trivial matters, and making people feel comfortable than holding ourselves and each other accountable to the standard that was set before us by God. If not us than who? We cannot keep waiting for someone else to do something, it must start with us. The world is full of ignorance, full of broken and hurting people; and as ambassadors for Christ we are called not only to know Him but to Make Him Known in the earth. Sin is Real, it is the desire and act of being independent from God, Hell is Real, it is a place where there is complete separation from God. When Jesus died on the Cross, and was Resurrected, He rose up with ALL Power in His hands. He conquered death, hell and the Grave. He took upon Himself every sin that we did commit, are committing, and will commit and paid the price for you and for me! Did He die in vain?

My heart aches for those who don’t know Him and my prayer for us as nation, is that we will have the courage to vocalize and shed light on God’s truths so that others begin to believe that change is possible.


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