Tying Up Lose Ends

The end of the semester is quickly nearing and it seems that I am working double time to get everything finished, and complete my projects in excellence. Since switching to the Social Media track within my program, I find myself being able to comprehend the material much better, which is such a blessing. This time last semester, I was completely tapped out, and not sure how I was going to make it through, but the Lord truly met me.  In truth, I’d be kidding myself if I said that I didn’t feel the pressure because I do…immensely, but I choose to trust the Lord and work to the best of my ability to receive high marks at the end of this time around. I can’t allow negativity to plague my thinking, or allow fear of the unknown keep me stagnant when I still have so much that I desire to accomplish.

I am in the process of doing some prep work for my Capstone project (due May 2016), conversing and running ideas by my Program Director, and continuing to work on building the Simply Ari Brand. It’s exciting, because I can see God’s hand moving, and orchestrating on my behalf and for that I am grateful. Moreover, I was able to dust off a secret aspiration of mine earlier this month which was to become a member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), receiving my membership ID and welcome letter from the organization was a surreal experience. I am a firm believer of positioning and keeping the company of people who are like minded; from whom you can learn, and grow with; and I am honored to now be counted in the number, and carry the torch of the distinguished men and women, past and present who are a part of this association.  I think that this will be a great stepping stone for me as I continue to work toward pursuing a career in journalism and making a name for myself in this field.

With less than a few weeks within the semester it is my prayer that the Lord will see me through til the end of my program, that by His Holy Spirit I will be able to comprehend the material that I am learning and be able to apply what I have learned accurately. I pray that He would grant me divine knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, that His favor would rest upon me and that His grace will continue to cover me.


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