Get Off The Writer’s Block

I write all the time between my grad school assignments, making to do lists, writing little blurbs here and there for the Simply Ari pages, or here on my blog(s), but I haven’t written any new articles in a year! If I’m being honest with myself, there’s a part of me that’s nervous to get back out there and approach different publications do to the  uncertainty of whether the work that I am producing is of the quality and caliber that they are looking for. That possible rejection is a scary one to face. I have been spending a majority of my time, working on getting new prospective interviewees for my “Spilling The Tea with Ari E” segments, continuing to build connections between the Simply Ari Brand and other publications and organizations through various social media platforms and looking for opportunities to network in and around my local area.

Last night, after finishing and submitting my assignments, I stayed up to watch a TV movie that came out a few years ago called “Beauty and The Briefcase” on my laptop. The premise of film is about a young enthusiastic writer who lives in New York and is looking to writer for a larger, more well-known publication.  As I watched scene after scene, I realized how similar the main character and I were. She freelanced for online magazines, as have I, she was single, as am I, she loved what she did, as do I, and she had the passion and the desire to make her dream a reality, and I am making great efforts to do the same. I was left so inspired after the movie, that I began to brainstorm some things that I want to accomplish around the same time that I finish up my Master’s Program (God-willing, May of 2016). One of which is to challenge myself to write a 1,000 word + article for submission to a large publication for pay (of course after I am settled with my freelance rates).

I wrote my article about an hour and a half ago and once it’s edited, I will send it to the magazine editor for potential publication. To say that I’m glad to be writing again is an understatement. Success doesn’t happen, unless you first make a decision to try right? I’m grateful to the Lord that He helped me get past my writer’s block, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen next!


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