Extra Extra “Hear” All About It

Social Media is a wonderful tool that can be used to communicate with an already established audience. Brand who are committed to putting the customer first in every aspect and area of their businesses are the ones that thrive and have the most loyal audience. Consider Apple, more than any other brand, Apple makes sure that their customer has the crème de la crème as it pertains to reliable technology. Apple users are loyal to the brand because they as the consumer are considered throughout the production process of the products that are being created. Apple asks for feedback from their faithful consumers, the consumers respond, and the necessary changes are made. This open form of communication makes for a successful business.
As a Communication Studies student in undergrad, one of the first things I learned was the importance of making your reader feel like part of the story. In journalism, I have gathered that it is important to use inclusive language so that your audience gets a sense that they are included; which in turn builds and establishes a sense of trust between writer and reader and makes the work that is being produced more relatable to the reader as well.
I believe that in order to be successful as a brand, organization, or business, the brand voice must be as unique as the company itself. By this I simply mean that you have to take the time to get to know your audience. People can spot a fake; and phoniness never goes over well in the end. When brands are creative with their approach to recruit new people, or when they are seeking to reach a larger, more diverse demographic, their genuineness doesn’t go unnoticed. More often than not, people will at least give the brand a chance.
As I have mentioned times before throughout different modules, I am working on building and growing my journalism brand, “Simply Ari”. For years, I have been working on gaining a solid fan base through my blogs and writing as a freelancer for different publications. I want to inspire others through my writing and offer the field of journalism something new and fresh. When I started blogging in 2010, one of my biggest challenges was finding my own voice as a writer and being confident in it. I used to use a lot of quotes in my blog posts because I liked the way that other people said things better than the way that I wrote them. It wasn’t until a professor told me, “Ariel, you have great potential. But I want to hear what you think. I want to get to know you through your writing” that I really began my search for tone that I wanted to use as a journalist.
I worked tirelessly after that conversation developing a unique voice and creating more of an online presence. When I graduated in 2013, I spent 5 months (September 2013-January 2014) under tutelage of a magazine CEO who gave me an opportunity to intern with her as a Social Media Coordinator and freelance for her publication, Women’s Elevation Magazine. That summer is really when I began to understand the importance of a brand voice and the affect that it can have on an audience. As an intern I got to see how brand marketing worked and was a part of the action. As the Social Media Coordinator, it was my responsibility to create new ways to interact with the publication’s following, keep a pulse on what the audience was interested in from the magazine, and learn how to “speak the publication’s language.” I also was able to see firsthand the established trust that the publication had with its readers and vice versa.
At the end of my internship, just before I started here at Quinnipiac to continue my education, I developed a plan to brand myself as a journalist on a slightly larger scale. I continued working on my writing, creating blog posts with more regularity, and taking the time to really study my craft; then in August of 2014, I created Simply Ari. What I am spending the most time with now is apply what I have learned to the development of this brand. Even in the short amount of time that I have been attending Quinnipiac, I have gained so much more knowledge about this field as a whole, and have a better sense of what I’d like to bring to it through Simply Ari. This brand has a voice and language all its own; and although it may only be a year old, I believe it has great potential! Through it I want to give people the opportunity get to know me as a person and as a writer, I want to get to know my audience in a more interactive way, and it is my aim to produce content that is useful and relatable  to my growing fan base. Ultimately, I want Simply Ari to be a catalyst for creativity and a shining example of excellence in journalism.


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