Optimizing Digital Space

Customer Service is always appreciated and the best companies and organizations make sure that the customer feels taken care of by their customer service team. In this digital age, how can we ensure that the same customer service practices are applied throughout a company’s social media platforms?
I’m taking a course this semester called Community Management and last week we discussed the importance of customer service in the general make up of a brand and organization. Then we looked at customer service on social media platforms.
It is no secret that we live in a technology driven society and it is evident that as we continue to advance, we are going to have to learn how to apply exceptional customer service practices in a digital space.
When I interned for two offices in undergrad as well for an online publication, I had the responsibility to respond to the customer through social media. Social Media is a two-way communication platform. Today it has become our practice to be on the go a majority of the time. We expect things to happen quickly because the internet has made information readily available at such a rapid pace. The same goes with customer service on social media.
My professor mentioned the importance of having a quick response time when answering and getting back to customers, and establishing a clear time frame in which to get back to the customer. This practice is for the benefit of the organization just as much as it is for their audience. Operating customer service related tasks can be challenging because it is new, and throughout this semester I’ve learned that the Community Manager is on the front lines of communicating back and forth with the customer and the brand. They are in the throws of all the action. For this reason, to help ease the burden of the Community Manager, other teams are directly and indirectly involved in customer service practices.
In one of the assigned readings I had from Brandwatch, the e-book, “A Guide To Customer Service On Social Media” suggests that companies categorize inquiries by level of immediacy. My Professor suggested, doing the same and adds that it’s a good idea to also consider how influential the customers are to your brand. For instance if a large corporation/ brand or organization like The Washington Post, The New Yorker or the like writes in with a question, concern or complaint, more than likely, you should respond to them promptly; within hours and if not that definitely within the same day.
Customers are the heart of any brand.When an organization makes an effort to listen and understand their unique audience, the customer is more likely to become an influencer of your brand and loyal to it as well. It doesn’t take much for a customer to feel appreciated and heard, responding within a specific time frame, being pleasant, showing empathy, and if possible resolving issues quickly all make for a better customer/user-friendly experience.
It is also important to note that loyal customers those who believe in your brand’s “Why” can provide new insights and suggest things that may help reach a greater amount of people for your organization. So never shy away from an opportunity to include them in some of the decision making for your organization whether it be through surveys, discussion forums, or something like Twitter Chats; they can be beneficial and become indirect allies of your company.

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