Case Of The Mondays

Today started off like any other Monday, I woke up groggy from being up so long the night before and watched my favorite day time TV shows, prior to me getting back to working on my assignments for the week. Sometimes I feel like I live on a monotonous schedule from which I rarely deviate. Surprisingly, today was pleasantly different. I had the opportunity to attend Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, here in DC!
Despite the rainy skies the Pop sensation captivated the staggering 45,000 people that came out to support her at the Nationals Park Stadium. The mega screens on stage captured every aspect of the concert in both sepia and classic black and white film, giving the ambiance for the night a really old school feel.
Throughout the evening, Taylor took the time to speak to her audience in between set changes. Those moments made the concert feel warm, intimate and all the more special for everyone in attendance.
I think my favorite part of the whole night was just before she was getting ready to sing another one of her hit records; she paused to speak to her young fans saying, “Sometimes we see the highlight reel of other people’s lives and compare it to the behind the scenes footage of our own lives. So if you take nothing else from this concert, please do me this favor and be a little nicer to yourselves.” This is such an important and relevant message for this generation.
Taylor has a knack for making her friends and her audiences feel comfortable through her willingness not to take herself too seriously; her authenticity, transparency and quirky, loveable personality made the evening truly an extraordinary experience, for what started out to be just an ordinary Monday.1436855416000


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