Solace in Solitude

With my parents and little sister out of town and my big sister working, I have had a lot of time to myself in a quiet house; and even though I miss them when they’re away, it has been nice to work on my grad school assignments without the enjoyable hectic moments that being with family can bring. I have found solace in the solitude.

To add to an already rigorous and demanding schedule, I make a sincere effort to get before the Lord and get some guidance on how to progress the Simply Ari Brand, and He continues to be faithful in His reply. As of late, He has dropped ideas into my spirit and has shown me how to execute each of them. Simply Ari is getting ready to turn one in August, and to watch how much it has blossomed in such a short amount of time is an indication that God’s hand is on it. It is my hope that Simply Ari offers the field of journalism a fresh, new perspective, and gets young people excited about being a part of the world’s conversation! I have consecrated this initiative to the Lord; I’ve prayed that He would connect me with the right people, be in the midst of every decision that is made and conversation that is had about Simply Ari; I’ve prayed that Simply Ari would be a canvas for His Light and that His truths would illuminate and resonate in the hearts of those who are directly and indirectly associated with the brand.

It is my aim to produce excellent journalistic content,  create a quality publication and use the Simply Ari platforms to engage my audience and build a strong network of  dreamers, creative minds, young visionaries and entrepreneurs. I’m excited about what the future holds for this brand, and I hope that you continue with me on this journey.


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