Social Media Savvy Business

Social media is a world within itself, comprised of delicate and innovative intricacies for us as Internet users to enjoy. Although interfaces and platform services may be similar, no two social media sites are exactly like another, and that is what keeps people coming back to them.

What we are finding now is that most of the world’s conversations are happening online and that regular citizens like you and me are the ones spearheading them. Highly regulated industries in my opinion need to start paying more attention to the conversations that are already happening on the internet and join them; by doing so they can potentially expand their demographic, tap into new markets, and learn more about their unique audiences.

Engagement is key. When a company takes a vested interest in its consumer, seeks to understand them and their unique needs, listens to them and shows them that they are an integral part of its decision making process, and success; those seemingly small adjustments help to foster loyalty and trust between a brand and its consumers.

It is also important for companies to be creative in marketing the products and services that they offer. Customers like companies who think outside of the box; for instance, the Coca-Cola Brand created a campaign called #MakeItHappy and what the campaign sought to accomplish was to bring awareness to online bullying and help to create a happier Internet. The premise of the Coke brand is to sell “happiness” and what I love about this particular company is that they found and issue that they could connect their brand with and spun it in their favor.

Another brand that uses their brand to promote a positive message was DOVE. They are best known for their beauty bars, which help to keeps women’s skin hydrated and soft. So naturally when it came time for them to latch onto something with an impactful message, they chose to focus on women’s beauty and self-esteem. Their YouTube videos really stand out to me because they cast ordinary women, and deal with a real issue that’s going on in our society. They provide facts and statistics, and leave you with a positive affirmation at the end of their videos as well.

I believe another good way for industries to make the best use of social media is to adopt a quick response time. We live in a society that is fast-paced and where people expect to have almost instantaneous feedback from their favorite brands and companies. One of the blessings and curses of Social Media is that it never sleeps; industries that understand that and make themselves available to their customers and are consistent in their efforts have a better chance at staying on top of their game.

Lastly to protect the brand it is imperative that companies make their social media policies visible across their pages, easy to understand, and leave no room for ambiguity for visitors to the page or to company employees. Having clear social media strategy and clear objectives set in place, will make for a more well-rounded business/company.


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