One Year Strong

Happy Birthday Simply Ari

The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those who published it.

~ Psalm 68:11~

A year ago today, the Lord placed the vision for Simply Ari in my spirit, and in obedience to the Word that I received, I created the corresponding social media pages as the Holy Spirit lead. I never would have suspected that Simply Ari would blossom as much as it has in just one year, but I am so incredibly grateful that it has. I have had some wonderful moments thus far, like the launching of my online interview segment, “Spilling The Tea with Ari E” where I had the opportunity to interview Jasmine Duke, CEO of Mahogany Cheers, a customized glassware and ceramic line, whose  corresponding article made the front page of Women’s Elevation Magazine, I got to interview Billboard Charting violinist, Chelsey Green of Chelsey Green and The Green Project, I became a member of the National Association of Black Journalists, the Simply Ari Facebook and Instagram pages have surpassed 100 followers and the Twitter page is well on it’s way;  I had the opportunity to speak with comedian Sinbad over Twitter, my favorite singer Algebra Blessett followed the Simply Ari Instagram page, I went to my first journalism event, and Simply Ari is now really beginning to create a buzz around the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

I am amazed at how well  Simply Ari has been received and even more taken a back that people want to be a part of the vision. It’s a humbling experience, being that when I first started this, it really was just me and the Lord; and now I have people asking how they can be of assistance. My heart is so full. What the Lord has shown me in all of this, is that when His hand is on something, He will be faithful to see it through to completion.

I believe that I am just beginning to scratch the surface with this brand, and I am looking forward to seeing with the Lord has in store for Simply Ari’s Future!!!

Here’s To One Amazing Year and to Many Many More!!!



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