Rejuvenating God’s Daughters

britni 2

“Radicalz4Christ is an Empowerment Organization, Helping God’s Daughters Blossom Into Distinguished Young Women”

~ Britni Glaspie, Radicalz4Christ Founder ~

After a long week of work, sometimes it’s nice to relax the stress away with good conversation, good vibes, and a little pampering, and that’s what Radicalz4Christ’s Social was all about yesterday. The host for the afternoon, Founder of Radicalz4Christ, Britni Glaspie invited 11 young women to attend her pamper party at a home in Washington DC; where each of her guests could receive a massage and/or facial, courtesy of Mary Kay, Berry Butter, and Massage Envy; and also enjoy wholesome Christian fellowship with their peers.

ambiance 2 ambiance 3ambiancer4christ guests

As soon as guests arrived promptly at 4:00, Glaspie made it a point to greet each of them with a smile, as they entered into an event space where the ambiance had already been set for a day of relaxation. Lights were dim, candles flickered on the walls and the aroma of food filled each room.

After getting a feel for the group of girls who were in attendance, the ladies broke off into different conversations, sharing stories and laughs and shortly after, proceeded to actively participate in the afternoon’s activities. While some went to the lower level of the house for a neck and back massage, others chose to stay on the upper level to inquire about the skin care and make up products that were beautifully displayed on a large table in the foyer.

massage envy massage envy 2 mary kay berry butter

The event was scheduled from 4 in the afternoon to 7 in the evening; and as each hour passed it seemed as though Glaspie’s guests grew more comfortable with one another and enjoyed themselves immensely. Toward the end of the night, the ladies exchanged information, business cards, took photos with each other, and left feeling not only relaxed but that it was truly an afternoon well spent.

britni britni and me britni me and mo

Overall, I think that the event went off without a hitch. It couldn’t have been a more perfect Saturday. I am looking forward to attending more events and seeing how the Lord will continue to use Radicalz4Christ for His purposes. Congratulations to you Britni on a job well done! Blessings to you!!!


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