On The Up and Up

I have spent a lot of time in prayer, seeking guidance on how to go about expanding the Simply Ari Brand, how to convey the vision and its new direction, get supporters of the Brand excited about where it’s going, how to network with major publications, journalists, other professionals and organizations in the field and how to properly implement the God-ideas that are so clear in my heart. I am one year strong on this entrepreneurial journey, and it is my desire that as the Lord continues to order my steps, that the Simply Ari Brand and its corresponding publication and products will create a buzz in and around the Washington DC Metropolitan area, and be a blessing to lots of people.

Thanks to many of my grad school classes, I have learned how to apply new techniques as it pertains to my social media strategy, and make the best use of the social media platforms that Simply Ari is affiliated with. What I think is the most exciting part of everything that I am doing right now is that I have the opportunity to promote and encourage up and coming artists, bloggers/writers, entrepreneurs and young visionaries through the Simply Ari pages; and along with that, my work is getting recognized by publications and celebrities alike. I am being stretched in new and exciting ways as a journalist and I am so humbled by what God is doing. As wonderful as these moments are I have a strong sense that the best is still yet to come and it is with a spirit of expectancy that I look toward the future.

Simply Ari is going places, and it is my sincerest hope that YOU, my Simply Ari Dreamers, continue to come along for the ride.


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