Combat In Prayer


We live in a society that has no filter; profane language is diluted as funny, suggestive scenes and imagery are common and plastered all over best-selling magazines, billboards, and on the silver screen. These days, there is no sense of conviction, and as a Christian that concerns me. I fear for my generation and the generations coming up, because if we don’t have any examples of what good wholesome entertainment is, we’ll become desensitized to this world and start to look more like it, without realizing that we let our guard down. All throughout scripture the Lord instructs us to protect the gates of our temples; that means making sincere efforts to be careful about what we are watching, listening to, reading, what we’re talking about, what we’re thinking about and most importantly what we are allowing into our hearts. Why does it matter? Ultimately it’s important because it directly effects the purity of our spirits. By nature we are sinful beings, but that doesn’t mean that we have to fall victim to it. We can take it to the Lord in prayer.

Last night I kicked off my Labor Day Weekend at the movie theater with my Mom and my Grandma in Virginia; we went to go see War Room. The premise of the film is to give viewers tactics on how to fight the right way. Contrary to what most believe, in order to win the battles of life, we are not called to fight with right and left hooks or spatter hurtful words horizontally on the people we love, it is our job to fight prostrate before the Lord with the Word of God as our weapon and defense.

This film was a breath of fresh air in the world of cinema. It’s relevant to the times in which we are living, and the heart of it is coming from a very genuine place. Kendrick Brothers Productions did an amazing job of capturing the emotion of real life situations, but depicting for viewers how to handle them in a Christian-like manner. The cast consisted of Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, TC Stallings, Beth Moore and Karen Abercrombie and each of these actors owned their roles. It was clear that they pulled from deep places and the result was an authentic performance. I was blown away by the caliber of this film. I left the theater with hope that the Lord is working behind the scenes and is getting ready to do something AMAZING for His people. This film is the start of a Movement and I want to be apart of it!!!

War Room has officially been Simply Ari Approved! I encourage you to go see the film if you haven’t done so already and be sure to invite a friend!

War Room


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