A Few Thoughts

I’m comfortable sitting at my computer day after day, writing and sharing the messages that I believe the Lord has given me to share with others through my writing; but until recently, I had never thought about creating more visual content through videos to share what “thus saith the Lord”. The thought of being in front of a camera scares me a little bit (probably because by nature I am an introvert), but I believe God is calling me to a new place in this season. The thing about Christianity is that often times when God shows us something or imparts to us a deeper understanding of His Word and His truths, we can’t be selfish with it, we have to share it with others. I am of the opinion that Jesus is too good of secret to keep to ourselves! There is something inside of me these days that has a desire to be more discerning in my own waiting time  and in my walk with the Lord, pay heed to and be more vigilant to what He is revealing to me and to be more vocal about my understanding about why faith and life need to coincide.

I can’t put my finger on it just yet, but I sense that a shift is coming; a fresh wind is about to blow and along with it a fresh anointing will flow. In whatever capacity God desires to use me I want to represent Him well and I trust that the Holy Spirit will order my steps along the way.


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