The Spalding Effect

The Spalding Effect 1As an observer of the world, I notice many different things. I see how love is expressed, I find beauty and joy in the little things, but what I enjoy the most is seeing people who are passionate about what they do. Today I spent the afternoon watching young men playing basketball in a local gym. I watched some practicing drills off the court, I saw other adolescents chasing basketballs up and down the recently polished floor, and perhaps my favorite part of the day was watching the older gentlemen in the gym taking time to mentor their younger counterparts about the game, and about life.

The Spalding Effect 3

They all come from different backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses and they all have different stories, but they fellowship on the court, for a common love of the game. The gym scene is a world within itself, a utopia of sorts. These guys dedicate their time to improving their skills, working on their game, and for a few precious moments, they have no worries. They can escape from the stresses and the wear and tear of every day life and leave everything on the court.

That is the power of “The Spalding Effect”

The Spalding Effect 2



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