Preparing for the Homestretch

Monday of next week will be the first day, of my last semester at Quinnipiac University. All of the papers, projects, late and multiple cups of coffee nights, tears, silent prayers and overall hard work has been leading up to this moment; ICM 601, my Master’s Capstone project.

Now that the this chapter is nearing its end,  I’m trying to figure out how to feel. I received my course syllabus for the semester and I was flooded with a sea of emotions: excitement, joy, and a little timidity. I’ve been awaiting  this moment for a long time, I’ve prepared, and I’ve prayed even harder…so why would I be scared?

I suppose it’s because I have invested so much time and energy into being the best student that I can be,fighting feeling of doubt and frustration, and eventually celebrating the victories along the way (though never too loudly).  This semester is a compilation of everything that I’ve worked for. My Capstone will be reviewed by seasoned professionals in the field of Communications, graded and presented to a committee; and their decision on my work heavily weighs on the successful finish of my Master’s Program. No pressure right?

Well, this is what I know, I was called to this program and the Lord has been faithful to see me through it every step of the way. He’s been too good for me not to trust Him. His grace is forever sufficient for me and my dependency on Him and obedience to Him (even when I didn’t understand what He was doing) has gotten me where I am.  His promises never come back to Him void. So it is with great expectation that I walk into this new semester driven by the beauty of my Purpose, with Tunnel vision, being led by the Holy Spirit.

It’s almost Game Time and I’m ready to work.



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