An Echoing Response

When I graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University in 2013, I left that institution with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of pride, and a greater sense of self. I felt like my major in the field of Communications really prepared me for what I was going to do next. I had incredible professors who nurtured my various interests and helped me hone skills that would ultimately get me where I wanted to be. I knew that continuing with a Catholic school education would at times be challenging, but I was confident that if the Lord called me there, He would faithful to see me through and He did.



Though I am three years removed from the Mount, I’ll never forget my experience, it helped shape me into the woman and scholar that I am today.  It is my desire for those who attend to also have an enjoyable experience there. One of the most wonderful things about attending a small University is that the faculty and staff treat you like a person, and not a number.


It has come to my attention via social media that the atmosphere on campus has changed, that students are not at present, being treated with the respect that they deserve, that beloved (and tenured) staff are being let go at a rapid rate, opinions are being silenced, and that the higher ups are making seemingly dangerous decisions that have the potential to negatively effect the reputation that Mount St. Mary’s University has been working so hard to protect for the past 200 years. It saddens me to think that the school in such a short amount of time is facing such turmoil, that alumni are considering not going back to visit the school and that the interest of prospective students could potentially lower because of everything that is happening.

Call it journalistic intuition if you’d like, but I sense that there is something else going on here. The root of the institution’s current issue is deeper than what is being let on to the public. What I am certain of however, is that what is done in the dark MUST come to light and moreover God knows all and sees all. It is my prayer that there is no permanent damage.

I wrote this as a response to what is being said about my Alma  mater. I felt it necessary to share a bit of my story about the Mount because I want prospective families to see the beauty of the school’s community and the value of the Mount community.

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