An Ari Update

I am two months away from graduating with my Masters degree and five months away from attending my first National Association of Black Journalists convention. Where has the time gone? Now that I have a little bit of downtime (it’s spring break) I can really begin thinking about what I want to do next. I’ve learned so much within my program and have really developed a better understanding of and knack for social media. I still really enjoy writing, that’s where my heart is but probably the most rewarding thing that I have discovered throughout my time at Quinnipiac University especially during this semester, is that there is a need for the type of publication that I believe the Lord is having me create. My Capstone project, Optimized Faith magazine is just the start. The feedback that I have received thus far has been really helpful and I can see God in all of it. Ultimately, my desire is to share Jesus with as many people as I possibly can, and bring them hope and encouragement through the written word.  If I can find a job that combines my love of Jesus, writing, social media and affinity for pop culture/entertainment news I would be #Winning. Nothing is impossible with God right?

As many ideas as I have in my head though, really what it boils down to is having faith in the plan that the Lord has me and trusting His process regardless of what my ideal time frame may look like.  I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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